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If you have made it to this page, you must be wondering about Coaching and what it means and might do for you....Firstly, let me wish you a warm welcome and I hope that what you find here is of interest.

Coaching has now been around for some time but there still remains some confusion about what it is and how it works. There is as yet no one official definition of Coaching, so you will see many different explanations. For me, Coaching is a process of exploration which helps you, the client, to increase your own self awareness and understanding of your thinking and behaviour. From this understanding comes new insight, new perspective, greater self belief and a real motivation to change. Coaching allows you the time to step back and reconsider your habits and patterns, and to create new approaches where you need to.

My role as a Coach is not to instruct, but to listen, to support, to remain non-judgemental and to challenge you to think more deeply and from new perspectives. In this way, you generate your own learning and action plans, which are far more successful in creating real commitment to lasting positive change.

The Coaching process provides a roadmap to improved performance at work, increasing personal satisfaction and fulfilment and greater self sufficiency for the future.

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